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Final Reflection #16

Final Reflection

Project #7B Introduction to Students

Technology Teaching: My Philosophy Part A

                Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more popular every second. I believe that using technology in the classroom is very important because the world is changing and much of that change is due to technology. So in order to have my students prepared for the real world that need to be able to know technology and how to properly use technology. In my classroom students will use the smart board, iPad, and laptop/computers. The students will use the smart board as much as possible in every subject, making sure the students have as much hands on experience with the smart board. iPads will also be used on a daily bases from the morning brain teaser, to studying, reading, and learning new uses for the iPad. The students will learn by searching and figuring out the answers on their own or in group. This will allow the students to think and learn by doing the research themselves, which improves their chances of retaining the information. I will be their to assist and challenge the students to continue searching the an outcome.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Scientific Method Box

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This blog post showed how a teacher introduced Science in his classroom. He began with the Scientific Method and a box. The box has something on all sides except one. The students will look at the box and write what they see; whether it is color, shape, or size. The students will then make an educated guess about what should be on the blank side. I really like how the teacher is so creative with capturing the students attention and maintaining that same level of attention. I would definitely use the Scientific Method Box in my future classroom. 

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

C4T #3

I commented on David Truss's blog. This post was about the school on in it's third year receiving the 2015 CEA Ken Spencer award. The Ken Spencer Award is an award given to the school for innovative teaching and learning.

Blog Post #10

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Mrs. Cassidy's 1st Graders
Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
Interview Part 3

The interviews with Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy were very informative about using technology in the classroom. One statement that stood out to me was how blogging gives her students an audience. The students writes this remarkable paper, but exposure for this amazing paper to be seen is limited. Blogging gives students an audience which in returns gives the students more motivation to do better with their work. Mrs. Cassidy also uses a blogging portfolio and the parents can view the students blog at any time, opposed to sending homes paper in a folder that may never make it past the school grounds or from the book bag. I also noticed that Mrs. Cassidy was concerned about her students being safe on the internet. She states with blogs she only uses the students' first name. Which I thought was great to think about when blogging, because technology is great we must take appropriate actions for the safety of the students. I would use blogging in my classroom and think about Mrs. Cassidy's concerns when they start blogging.

C4K 6&7 Summary

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I commented on Skye's blog. In this blog post Skye discusses how to prepare for a test. Her class has  already taken the PLAN and she is giving advice based on her experience. Skye wrote about the importance of taking the test seriously even though it is a practice test for the ACT. Skye used her blog as a platform to give student information on readiness for the test, which I thought was EXCELLENT! 
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I commented on Ethan's blog. In this blog post Ethan did a book review for the book First Kill by Heather Brewer. He was very detailed in describing the characters in the book. The book is about a lonely boy who is only "visible" to his sister, but then his sister is killed by a vampire and he becomes a vampire slayer. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blog Post 9

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About PBL?

In the article Seven Essentials for PBL I learned that getting the students attention and keeping them wanting more is very important. When introducing a new topic make sure that you have a driving question. Also make sure the students understand that they need to know certain information to complete the project, not just for a test. I learned that students should have a voice throughout the project, but of course the teacher should be there for guidance and to set broad limitations. Projects should give the students a chance to be independent learners, experiment with new technology, different type of communication, deep thinkers, and problem solvers. I learned also to give the students the opportunity to present their work, because one day they will have to present to a company.

In the video PBL for Teachers I learned that you need a great driving question with PBL, the students will need to constantly think about an answer this question throughout the project. Common core standards are important and are there for a reason. Common Core Standards are evidence based, clear and understandable, combined with application of knowledge and work skills. PBL allows students to work on skills they will need in real life. For example, group discussion gives the students the opportunity to work on communication skills, which we all know is very important.

Watching the video What Motivates Students I learned that telling the students when they have done well or accomplished a goal helps the students to strive to do even better. Looking at the bigger picture, knowing that going to school is a process and wanting a successful life and to provide for their family helps motivate the students. Extra-curricular activities and a better life style motivates students. My favorite was one student saying how his teacher has a board set up with different color with different meanings and if you get a certain color or off the board you have to pay the teacher using classroom money. Which I thought was a great life lesson, teaching responsibility and the importance of time and money.

Watching Crafting a Driving Question shows the very importance of a good driving question. The teacher needs to make sure the question is simple and clear so the students can understand. Most importantly the question needs to cover the proper material for the lesson, covering the the most significant part of the lesson. This way the students can dig as deep as possible for all sorts of information on the topic.

Watching PBL in Math I learned that PBL is a great way to give the teachers a voice on how they want to teach and gives all students a chance to engage throughout the lesson. Opposed to only engaging when the teacher asks a question. I learned that PBL is about life lessons and trial and error. PBL will not look the same in every class. One teacher states that she uses PBL in her Algebra 2 class, but PBL is not in every single aspect of her class. She states that she uses PBL where it can fit. The video also discusses the apprehensiveness of PBL because it is new, but will be beneficial to both teachers and students.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

C4T #2

www.sciencebuddies.orgDaniel Fix has a Science blog. In one post he discusses Melting Rates and how an experiment with different materials will cause the ice to melt faster and slower. By using different material and the solution that you think is correct is not actually correct, allows the students to think critically and find other materials to do the same as in the experiments.